Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My "not so little" man

Well, tonight my oldest son sang a solo in the choir. He has had solos before and they have all been special, but tonight was different. Ya see, tonight was his first solo with his new, what I like to call, “man voice”. It was crazy to see my first baby, who is now taller than me, singing with his new “man voice.” He sounded great. Which even if he didn’t, I would still think he did, ‘cause I am his mom. And as all you moms know he could have been off key the entire time, and I still would be the proud. But really, he did sound good. And it is moments like those that I all the cares of the day fade away. It is moments like those that I am reminded of what really matters. The laundry doesn’t matter, what I accomplish doesn’t matter, money doesn’t matter, squabbles with my kids don’t matter. All that matters is that I am blessed to have the kids I have and I am there. I am there to soak up the moment. I love those moments!!!

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