Monday, February 11, 2013

Patience is learned while waiting.

Lately it seems I am learning a lesson in patience. I am not talking about having patience with my kids. Yes, I am always learning that too, but I am talking about the patience to simply, wait. More or less wait on myself. I know there is knowledge that I want, and lessons I would like to learn. But sometimes the real lesson is being willing to take the time to learn the lesson. And by “take the time” I don’t mean, take the time to “hurry up” and learn. Sometimes the bigger portion of the lesson is learning to be content with the amount of TIME that is REQUIRED to learn the particular lesson. This is a tough concept for me. I am the girl who does 20 crunches and wants to be a size smaller, I like to accomplish as many household chores in as little time as possible, I cook everything on high, I don’t even think my stove dials have ever experienced simmer. I cooked all my kids on high too, they were all born 2 to 3 weeks early. My first baby was 3 weeks early and still weighed in at 9 lbs 5oz. So yeah, I cook EVERYTHING on high. But I am learning these days that some things just take time. And I am learning to enjoy the wait. There is something to be valued in having the “ability” to wait. I am finding out there is a place of peace and contentment in those few moments I am willing to value the wait. Hopefully, I have more and more of those moments. This is a new lesson to me so I will have to keep you posted on the discoveries I continue to make, as I wait. Meanwhile, one thing I am realizing. I have always wanted to be what I call a “patient” person. The problem is I tried to “hurry up” and learn to be patient. But what I am learning is “patience is learned while waiting.”

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