Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Best diet

So tonight I was making a peanut butter protein bars. As I was making them I thought about what a fad “protein” seems to be these days. Don’t get me wrong I think protein is good for us, but I find it interesting to look at the “fads,” as I like to call them, come and go. I remember when margarine was better for you than butter, now butter is better for you than margarine. I remember when soy was good for you, now some say soy is baaaaad. I remember when aspartame was better for you than sugar, now they say aspartame cause cancer. So today I just had to giggle as I made my “protein” peanut butter bars. I couldn’t help but think. When will the carb fad come around. I would love to hear conversations like…. “Hey I am on this new carb diet and I love it. I feel better then every, and they are saying that they have found in certain cases, carbs had cured cancer.” “No kidding, me two. I start out with 2 krispey crèmes in the morning, and then I have a funnel cake with a side of French fries for lunch, followed by noodles and butter for dinner.” Ok so the odds of that happening are slim, but I am pretty sure some day they will say ice cream is good for stress and I should eat some every day.

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