Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Best Mornings Ever!!!

Waking up to my children has never been more exciting :) I mean when you HAVE to wake up and feed a screaming kid, or when your 2 year old refuses to stay in bed and you have to put him back 7 times through-out the night, then it's just no fun waking up. But when you actually start to sleep through the night with hardly any interruptions, you wake up feeling like a new person. So when my kids sleep with no bad dreams or needing a refill on their water, I LOVE hearing their little feet come into my room! Then I roll over to see Ayden bright eyed and smiling from ear to ear!! And not to far behind him is Zayne who I actually have mistaken for a raggedy old mop. His hair strewn everywhere and his eyes barley open. They both crawl up into my bed and we snuggle for the first 15 min of our day!! I don't know about you but waking up to my two adorable little boys (never-minding their awful morning breath) is the best part of my day :)

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