Monday, December 9, 2013

Are you proud to be a Spartan.... yes I Am!! by Jamie Lightner

So last Thursday I helped Kelly and Jackie sort shirts. Those two amazing friends of mine put the sale together, took the orders, picked up the shirts, and I just showed up in time to help deliver. I gotta say, it means a lot having friends like them. Who knew all those years ago stretching out our muscles in center field getting ready for softball practice together, that this is what we would be doing last Thursday. As crazy as it is, I am so thankful for these lifetime friends of mine. And when I walked into the conference room and saw the table completely covered and piled with the super Z shirts, my eyes couldn’t help but tear up. Not only am I so blessed with amazing friends, but this little town of Springport has absolutely flooded us with support. I could hardly hold it together a couple months ago when the wrestlers stood for the picture in their Z shirts, and now to see people who don’t even know us, supporting us in our trial, it just seems thank you isn’t enough…….. Even now as I write I am at a loss for words………. I look at this little paragraph and think, to myself… “There is so much more in my heart than one paragraph, come on Jamie, when have YOU ever been at a loss for words.” And as I write even though I am not sure of what to say, one thing I am sure of is your support has been a tremendous strength to me and my family. I love that my kids have witnessed what it is like to watch our friends and even perfect strangers stand in the gap for us. And I truly believe your kindness and generosity will be repaid. I believe that Springport will be blessed for there amazing compassion, generosity, sacrifice, and support. And from the bottom of my heart I hope you can “feel” the emotion I still come short of expressing as I say…”Thanks you” And I just can’t wait for my sister to see all those super Z’s tomorrow. What a send off to chemo day!!!

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