Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chemo day update...written by Dad...Jake Warren

Zayne update... My Mom LaDonna Warren is up from Texas visiting us Yanks, so my wife could take a break from chemo day and prepare for her surgery tomorrow. The poke was as bad as it was when we first started. I would pull one arm out of his shirt and start on the other, then he would squirm his way back in it. I was literally lifting him off the table with him clinging for life to his super Z shirt. The poor nurses flooded into the room like an ambulance pulled up to the ER, come to find out it's my 3 yr old trying to keep his shirt on. This all before the giant needle even peered out of its wrapper. He calmed down for split second. Now comes the iodine wash, simple right? Wrong!!! Another battle with a little butterfly trying to wash his bump. Now the rough part, the needle! (from watching Zayne you woulda thought it was 5' fish hook of a needle!) Me and three nurses holding this three yr old was like wrestling a bear away from a salmon. So we got him pinned down as humane as possible, poke, tape, bandage. Sniffle, sniffle "daddy can I have hot chocolate now?" !£#? what!!! You woulda thought we just pulled this kids arm off and hit him up side his own head with it now he's fine, and I'm spent, time for a drink. The infusion went great, he was watching my worst enemy Troto on Netflix and listening to Sail from Awolnation his two favs for 4 hrs. Now time to pull the fish hook out! I'll spare the details... It went about the same. This time it ended with Z saying "daddy let's go get a burrito in the parking lot." Which is Qudoba in the bottom of the hospital. Great ride home from GR with Gram shoveling chocolate peppermints down his face to keep him awake so we can sleep tonight. This is the “Dad’s” version, me struggling through this day week after week and today I had to do it without my wife. All I can say is, I pray for a quick recovery from her surgery to get my injured teammate off the bench and back on the field with me. That is all goodnight.

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