Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Z Update--(I really shoulda numbered these from the beginning)--Jessica Warren

HE DID AMAZING!!!! He was so strong!!! Not that chemo is ever fun but at least this time I didn't feel like I was betraying my child by having to hold him down ;) He still was not fond of the idea, and I almost had to carry him into the hospital kicking and screaming but when we got up there the staff was amazing!! I ended up having to take this one solo as Jake woke up feeling very pukey :/ Thank goodness Jake didn't lose his cookies and is feeling much better now! So it was just Z man and I. I have to admit I was nervous without my hubby or anyone else with me for that matter but it was so great for it to be just us!! And the nurses new I would need extra help ;) We had extra nurses to help hold him down which weren't even needed!! They entertained him so well while getting his poke!! When we were finished he looked at the nurse who poked him and said "No..NO!! Thats not nice." As awful as it is he is so polite sometimes :) And now we have 2 weeks OFF!!! WHOO-WHOO!!!! We are very ready for a break! I love watching Zayne at about 5 days before we go back to chemo. He turns into my little boy before all this happened! He becomes a happy kid with no headaches and no stomach issues and he has color and looks healthy!!! Love our 2 weeks off! We also have our next MRI scheduled!! Its February 25th! Thankyou as always for the AMAZING support!!!

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