Monday, February 3, 2014

How powerful is a Mother's Kiss?-Jamie Lightner

I was babysitting Zayne today. That cute little kid cracks me up. He is such a ham, and his white bouncy, sometimes frizzy curls atop his head just add to his bouncy goofball personality. Anyway he was at my house and started to have one of his headaches, so knowing the drill, I took him to my bed to put a cold cloth on his head. I turned on a cartoon so he could just rest until the headache passed. As he laid there so sweetly on my bed with his big blue eyes poking out from underneath the Whinnie the Pooh wash cloth, I couldn’t help but think I wish I could kiss this boo boo away. With my kids I always thought it was adorable and comical when they would fall and scrape there knee or bump there elbow and want me to kiss it. And with the magic of a mother’s kiss off they would go to play again. I just climbed in my bed next to Zayne wishing a Mother’s kiss placed on his forehead could melt away the headache, and even melt away the tumor. As I lay there staring at him all I could think was, “maybe there is more magic in a mother’s kiss than we know” So I laid a kiss on his forehead and I continue to lay kisses on his forehead with the intention of a mother’s love dissolving a boo boo. Maybe between Jess, my mom and me and the mothering power God has given us, our love will at least help the docs along. If nothing else I believe it helps Zayne know we love him and are here for him.

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