Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Me...Forget my kids...nah, I am so put togther.

So I was listening to a voice mail from a friend of mine that said this….
“Jamie, thanks for calling check on the girls’ plans. I didn’t even think to call you and make sure they were communicating the right details. You are so put together.”
Lololololololol. Hee hee hee hee hee. Hahahahahhahahaha.
I am laughing as I even reminisce hearing those words. “Jamie, you are so put togther.”
Wow! I thought. I sure do have her fooled. Seriously, last Tuesday, my kids went from being the 2nd stop of the bus to riding the whole route and I had to pick them up back at the school because Josh and Kate weren’t on the bus. Yeah. Just what every mom wants to hear when they answer their cell phone, “hey there Jamie, you weren’t home so the bus driver couldn’t let your kids off the bus.” They were polite and understanding but the voice in my head said. “duh, ya air head. Get it TOGETHER!! To make matters worse I didn’t know where Josh was. I knew Kate had practice but it took a very embarrassing conversation with the office of me admitting I had know idea where my kid was to remember he was at play practice.
And then on Wednesday I was home on time, and even remembered to drive up to the school to pick up Josh from…you guessed it…play practice. What I didn’t remember until I sat in front of the school with no sign of Josh for 10 minutes, is that he told me TWO times, not one time, but TWO times this morning that he did NOT need to be picked up today because he had a ride home. “Again the voice in my head…Duh, you air head. Get it TOGETHER.
And then, oh yeah there is more!! On Thursday, I forgot to pick both Josh and Kate up from their DI practice. I was on the phone just chatting with a friend when my caller ID showed the familiar number of the school. Ahhhhhhhh. I grabbed my keys swerved into the parking lot TWENTY MINUTES LATE!!!!!!! “voice on repeat…Duh you air head! Get it TOGETHER!!!!!!!!!
And that is just this week!! So yeah, when I heard that message I had to laugh. But what’s a mom to do! It’s days like this I have to say to that voice in my head… “Shut up!!! I love my kids more than anything I do the very best I can. I mean sure I’ve lost them a time or two, but I am always glad when they show back up.” Lol But for real, sometimes ya just gotta laugh and accept that there will be days, that you have to have those embarrassing conversations with the front office. lol

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