Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bonds between Heroes...No Path is the Same, But We Walk it Together

As you may have heard, no chemo today!!! Yay!! Z gets 2 weeks off. Happy spring break to us!!
So we thought we would take this time to introduce a “column” per say, if blogs had columns. As with any traumatic experience in life, when we first found out about Zaynes tumor, the first few months were devastating and overwhelming as we worked to process everything. Now we are 7 months into the chemo routine. Even though, as anyone would, we wish it was over already. There are days we are at peace and so grateful for our blessings. The support of our family and community has been amazing, and Zayne has done well with the treatments. Although feeding him is as tough as feeding a woman in her first trimester of pregnancy, just looking for a meal that her tummy will agree with, he is still able to run and play like any other kid. Even with all we are grateful for, we still have those days when we want to throw our hands in the air and say….Um, we would like this to be over now. We would like the tumor to be gone and the vision restored. Just like one of the chapter titles in our book I would like to say to God…
”Um hello, you said you wouldn’t put me through anything I couldn’t handle…Do you have me confused with someone else.”
And it is times like these we think of those who have faced or our facing adversities of their own. We all have adversity in our lives. The question is, will we allow it to teach us and make us stronger.? In every trial there is something to be thankful for… and there is something to learn that gives each adversity purpose. Sometimes your adversity testimony is just what someone else needs to make it through theirs. This experience with Zayne has opened our eyes more deeply to the pain, scars and triumph of others and their adversities. We want to share these stories with you hoping that another’s story might encourage you and whatever you are facing. And later when Zayne is older he can not only look back on his own testimony, but look back and see how we all stand together.
So , on one of the Tuesdays that Zayne is enjoying his time off, we would like to honor another hero of adversity. And so I introduce to you our new "column"…
Bonds between Heroes…No Path is the Same, but we walk it Together. Next Tuesday we will feature Springport’s own, Craig Ward
PS As much as I love the title, we can't take credit for it....Not sure if he wants his named mentioned, but I'll tell ya he is a wrestling coach. lol

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