Thursday, March 27, 2014

Um. Please don't tell my Husband!!!! by Jamie Lightner

So I stopped to get my oil changed the other day. I go to the same place every time. Those boys do such a good job and are so sweet. They are always vacuuming my air filter since I live on a dirt road. As I was checking my Facebook on my phone while I waited, I glanced up and caught the guy’s confused face as he pulled out my air filter. The plastic ege around it that apparently holds it together was no longer attached to one of the sides and the square accordion of some sorta paperish substance(not sure what they make those things out of) was all warped and packed with mud. And I mean packed, it even had rocks embedded in the pile of mud. The guy stood there staring at it for a bit. He shot the other guy helping him out a strange glance and then walked around to my window.
“Um, so you are gonna want to replace this.” He said
“Really, it seems like I just did.” I responded, while I wondered what malfunction caused such a conundrum.
After he looked it up, he confirmed, “Yup, you replaced it just this last time you were in.” He then stared down at the dirty, mangled mess, scratched his head(I think people scratch their head when they are confused because it helps them think. Did you ever notice that?) Any way he said “It looks like you went through a big mud puddle or something. I mean, I can tell you live on a dirt road, but this is pretty extreme.” I could tell by his expression he was really working hard to figure out what on earth I did to this thing. But as soon as he mentioned the word mud puddle a very sheepish looked crossed my face.
“Hmmm----Yeah,----- about that mud puddle.” I stammered “ Well, yes we live on a dirt road--- and, well------ it is actually a smoother ride to go through the mud puddles and avoid the pot holes. And,---- well,---- the kids think it’s really funny when I go through them kinda fast-----so the water splashes on the windows. So,---- yeah---- I have been taking them kinda, sorta, a little bit faster than usual.”
Well, guys face after that was priceless. He exchanges glances once again with his work partner. Feeling quite embarrassed I said what any smart wife would say….”please don’t tell my husband!!”
He laughed and assured me he wouldn’t.
“Hey, at least this makes me a really cool mom, right?” I said trying to grasp at some shred of dignity. He assured me I was quite the cool mom, and advised me in the future to do all my mini van mud bogging on my left side tires. lol

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