Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Bond Between Heroes: No Path is the Same, But We Walk it Together- Story of Craig Ward

WEll, sorry we are a day late. Must be we are enjoying spring break way too much. lol Our first "Bonds between Heroes" story is another from the little town of Springport, Craig Ward. He was asked to share his story on a video, so we are posting it here along with the comments of others. Click on the word Craig, to view the story.
I believe that since my dad is connected to so many people, God knew my dad would use this challenge to come out and teach others and motivate others to fight for something as hard as he has. Not everyone has to fight for life but it could be a job, or a sport, or even just to stay positive and have a "I can" attitude. His favorite quote is "Don't let fear dictate the path you take". Thankfully he didn't let fear control him because he probably wouldn't be here if he had. I think what he proved is odds are meaningless. Odds are a number that someone came up with but even people with the greatest odds can fail and with the lowest odds can succeed. It depends on the fight. And the will power and the support of those around you. Thankfully we live in a community like Springport with the biggest supporters of all. But it really shows how important it is to surround yourself with good people. Of course my dad has influenced me in a thousand ways because normally thats what parents do but what is pretty neat is to see how much he has influenced everyone else and continues to influence people every day. Any time he finds out someone is sick, he sends out the coin matching the one he carries in his pocket every day along with a letter or a phone call just giving a few words of encouragement and letting them know he is there for them. I think what he does for others is the biggest influence of all. Thanks again for doing this. I know he will be very humbled and appreciate you passing on his story! -Cara Ward(daughter) A few weeks after we found out about Zaynes tumor, Craig sent me the coin Kara just referred to. The letter he wrote was so encouraging. I knew these were words from someone who could feel the very feelings I was at that moment. These were words from man who fought a fight that to me would seem hopeless. However, he faced it and defeated it. And in return he gives other people in tough situations a token of hope to hold onto. God walks all of us through a journey that is ONLY designed for us. And watching Gods people come together and support each other is the miracle! It may seem like a small token to Craig, but he will never really know the amount of hope his story gives to so many! -Jessica Warren I went to school with Craig. Please listen to his inspirational story. He helps all of us see that with determination, love and God we can overcome anything. Bless you Craig and your Miss Penny for once again leading us. -Darcy Drake ( class of 79) Thank You Craig for sharing that powerful story. I too am a cancer survior and can relate to many of your feelings.- Bill Linabury ( retired teacher) Craig-the day I heard you had cancer, broke my heart. I'm so proud of you and Penny for the fight you fought and won. Thank You for sharing your story. I just got an email from Wyatt's college about asking players to be marrow donors. I'm texting him now to see if he wants to go with me to see about donating. Be proud...we are of you! -Penny Hoag Howard We never know how we can help others. This video maybe the one thing someone else needs to go pressing on. God works his miracles in ways that amaze me. Good for you Craig, your giving back what was given to you. -Rebecca Nelson Wiedmayer This story always gives me inspiration, from a small town guy that I have great pleasure of knowing. Thanks for sharing such private feelings. -Nancy Brenner Wow! Powerful. Glad your still with us....BROTHER! -Nevin Alexander (past basketball coach/friend) Thank You for sharing this. Was nice to hear you voice tell your story. And yes we know how stubborn you are! And thank God you are!- Pam Ruffner Modos ( college friend) Thanks again for was beautifully done and so touching. There are so amny reasons why it was inspriational for me. It certainly shows what is important in life and how love perseverance and prayer can get you through the toughest times. -Jo Dee Johnston (coach/teacher) People out there can have their Superman, Batman and even the Hulk as their heroes. I'll take my Craig Ward!! -Terry Yoder ( Business friend) "No Path is the Same, But we Walk it together"

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