Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Super Z Update!!!

Zayne was a champ!!! True bravery today!! We all walked into that hospital with our heads held high! I wanted to hang on to the change I felt a while ago...I want to hang onto the knowledge that this is an opportunity!! How Jake and I choose to handle this has a lot to do with how our boys will choose to handle tragedy. I want my boys to be strong in who they are and what they believe. I want them to embrace their weakness, because only walking through their weakness will they learn their strength. And most of all I want them to know how much we love them and that we will always be with them. And today I felt like Z was feeling that. I watched him walk into the hospital with a new attitude. An attitude of "I can do this. I was made to do this." He was embracing everything! He sat in the chair all by himself for his vitals...He pulled his shirt up on his own...he watched the nurse clean his port. She held the needle and he sat their...when she got close to his port he held his breath and clenched his jaw. She put the needle in and he exhaled. Jake and I sat there in awe. I saw my little boy growing up before my eyes. He embraced the pain and gained more strength than he is able to comprehend!! Jake and I both had tears in our eyes...it's been a long journey to get here and when you watch your baby stand up for himself and choose to make the best of a crappy situation there is a peace and pride that surrounds you. It's a blissful moment!! So proud of both my boys!! Ayden has been an awesome big brother especially considering Zayne's situation. God blessed me with AMAZING children and an AMAZING husband!!! And tonight I am thankful!!! I also want to say thankyou to all the super Z's!! Walking into the school this morning was awesome!!! Can't describe what it feels like seeing all the support we have :) Kids walk by and say hi to "Super Z" :) Warms a moms heart!! I called the Bank in Springport this afternoon and Paula talked to me about how great my day was going :) Only in a small town!!! The support is amazing!! Chris is always sending me photos of Dowding employee's supporting super Z, and my church friends are always amazing!! In fact, one of the couples from my church wore their super Z shirts on their HONEYMOON!!! It is INCREDIBLE!!! Thankyou all!!! Lots of love coming to all of you from the Super Z family :)

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