Monday, April 14, 2014

Can I punch out my time card PLEASE?

Can I Punch Out My Time Card Please!


Do you ever have those days when you wish you could find your parenting time card to punch out and just go home?  I guarantee you are not the only one. I invite you to take a night out, enjoy some "parents anonymous" conversation, and bring home some tools to help you with that 168 hour week.  


We will have Cookies, Punch & Door Prizes!!!!!!!

Free childcare if spots still available!

About this course


*Greatest Human Need

            Focus on the job of a parent and learning how to make the shifts in your own life that will automatically have a positive affect on your children. 

Week 1: Greatest Human Need &

 Relationship ripples


*Creating Rapport with Your Children

Focus on your relationship with your children, and what they need from you.  Learn how to motivate with love, and use your POWERFUL tool of INFLUENCE.  Also learn how to communicate more effectively with your child.

Week 2: Fear/Love

Week 3: Control/Influence

Week 4: Three Types of Dependencies &

 Three Steps to Communication


* Application as a Family

            Build your family values and start using them as a guide for your family, as a family.  Also learn the difference between a punishment and a consequence.

Week 5: Ten Core Values & Consequences


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