Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Wow!!!!  I just gotta say how proud of my boys I am!!! Super Z is literally kicking butt at chemo!  So brave...so strong...so happy!!!  We had a special person come with us and he was so excited to have her there that he asked mom to stay in the room while he took her down the hall to claim his poke prize!!!  "You stay here mom....I want just Miss Fran to come with me!"  he said as he slipped his little hand into hers. He headed for the toys and Fran was looking back at me with a jaw that was dragging on the floor as he pulled her away :)  I have to say it was wonderful having such encouraging conversation while I snuggled with my little man!  She was an amazing support for the day and it made me so thankful that God put such amazing friends in my life!!  When I think of all the support my family and friends have provided....I'm speechless but beyond thankful!  And completely blessed!!  On the way home it was "Miss Fran..." this and "Miss Fran..." that :)  I love that he felt so comfortable!!  He is growing so much!!  I also have to brag about him one more time. We were invited to a friend of mines Daughter's birthday party...and Zayne did great!!!  I was able to sit and enjoy my girlfriends with a hot cup of coffee in my hand :)  Because Zayne was PLAYING!!!!  Just PLAYING!! No separation anxiety....no breakdowns from too many people....HE WAS AMAZING!!!
And I just have to talk about Ayden for a sec!!!  He has grown leaps and bounds in his class!!  Jake got to spend the day with him at school today which I am so thankful for!!!  I pray God shows us ways to make him feel special!  And his dad usually does :)  He was so brave and read a book to the whole class!!!  This coming from the kid that would barley utter 2 words at the beginning of the year...the kid that we had to leave kicking and screaming every time we dropped him off.  HE IS SO BIG!!!!  GAH!!!!  I am so proud of both my boys!!! I am so thankful for this journey taking its affect on all of us and only hope we stay on the positive path!!!

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