Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Love My Sensitive Boys!!!!!-Jessica Warren

The other day we had to pick up my husband from the airport and while we were waiting in the car my kids were watching Jake and the Pirates on their DVD player.  I looked out my back window to see if my husband was on his way out when I noticed Ayden looking as though he was getting ready to cry.  “Buddy?? You ok??”  He looked up at me with huge tears getting ready to spill out of his emotional green eyes.  “No….I’m not ok…Hook took Buckeye the ship,  Mom.”  He said as his tears overflowed and ran down his cheeks.   Mind you this was a DVD…he has seen it 50x if not more.  I was confused as to why he was having a hard time.  He knows how it ends.  I was torn between crying and laughing.  His sensitivity was so refreshing and he was so adorable I wanted to laugh at his sweet little face that looks so cute when he cries.  I noticed him get a little embarrassed as I sat there and stared at him.  “Sweetie…it’s ok to cry…you don’t have to be embarrassed.  Mommy cried last night because of a movie.” I said trying to give him freedom.  “You did?” he asked as he ran his nose from his wrist up to his elbow leaving a trail any slug would be proud of.  Ignoring my impulse to grab my sanitizer, I decided to put this little moment in my treasure box as one I will be proud of.  “I did.  Everybody cries baby! It’s ok to cry! That’s kind of how our bodies work, when we feel sad we cry and it helps us feel better.  You don’t ever have to be embarrassed about crying.  Do you remember this episode? Do you remember that Jake gets buckeye back?”  “Yea…Peter Pan comes and helps them get their ship back…but it’s still sad.”  He said.  “I know baby, sometimes I still cry at movies I have seen too.” I said remembering the movie Transformers.  I cry everytime I see bumblebee get taken :)  “Are you ok?” I asked wondering where his thoughts were.  “Yea…I’m just trying to stop crying cause I’m still a little sad.” He said very enthusiastically with his hands going up and down trying to get his point across.  I decided he probably needed his mom to just be quite now and let him work through it on his own.  After the episode was over I saw his sweet little smile cross his face.  He looked up at me and said “They got him back mom…he is back with Jake now.”  He was ADORABLE!!  My sweet, sensitive little man!  He is going to make some girl very happy one day! So glad he is being raised by a Dad who isn’t afraid to show emotion!!  My boys learn so much great stuff from their dad and I am super proud that I get to see the fruit of it!!!

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