Wednesday, May 7, 2014

"Hate mail" from a 6 year old...?

Well, for those of you who have been followers of my blog since it began are aware that “BO” has been the inspiration for many of my posts!  I’m not sure if it’s because he was the youngest at the time or if it’s because he is the most busy, into everything, persistent, stubborn kid I have ever had.   So for his sake we will say it’s cause he was the youngest.  Lol 

Well as you may have noticed, there have been less stories about Bo.  As he grew up the stories of him dumping out cupboards or trying to flush “unflushable” objects down the toilet has slowly decreased.  However, he is still my most busy, into everything, persistent, stubborn kid.  He asks why to everything, insists that he should never have to wear socks, takes FOREVER to walk from the door to the van in the morning(the reasons are different everyday), and has the hardest time going to bed at night.  I have never had a kid who was harder to keep in the bed.  All 3 of my other kids would sit quietly while I read them a night time story and then lay down peacefully while I covered them with their blankets for the night.  It was perfect!!  Then there was Bo!  I would try to read him a story while he bounced in my lap and then while we said our prayers he would be bouncing his head on his pillow.  As he got older he got better but still goes through “annoying” phases from time to time.  I really think he has a hard time falling asleep, because even if he stays in bed I hear him singing or making car noises.   Lately the kid gets out of bed to ask me the most ridiculous questions, like “when is the last day of school” or “what is for hot lunch tomorrow” or “why is the sky blue”.    Well, this week I decided it was time to get bed time back under control.  So I started taking 10 minutes of computer time away every time he got out of bed.   A few minutes after the last time I sent him to bed I heard a piece of paper slide under my door.  When I picked it up it read…

“I don’t like mom” 

“Hahahahhaha.” I just had to laugh.    When I told my friend of my hate mail from my 6 year old she asked.  “Well, was everything spelled right?” 

“Yes.” I responded with a giggle and a puzzled look.

“Well, at least you know he is learning to write.” 

Hahahaha, too funny if you ask me, because just last week he put a note on my fridge that said,

“Deere Mom, I love you so much.  I want to stay wif you forever.” 

That kid cracks me up!!!  Never a dull moment. 

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