Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Z update!!!!-Jessica Warren

Thankyou for all the prayers and wonderful posts on my wall!!  Just love waking up to all the positive encouragement!  Z did AWESOME!!!  I think after having 2 weeks off, going back is like trying to get back into working out when you haven't done it for a while.  But watching Z be so big with his poke and so snuggly just made it so much better. Around every corner today I had little blessings!  The nurses were great!  It actually felt normal going to the hospital, a good kind of normal.  Pratt told me he went into Albion this morning and saw more Z shirts besides his own!!!  That was an awesome feeling!!  God has truly blessed us with such an amazing support group!! And He also blessed me with strong kiddos and I am beyond thankful!!
Thankyou again!!!  All of you don't know how many times I go back and read comments and posts in my FB!!  So thankful for all of you!!!

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