Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Z-Update!!-Jessica Warren

Well I took the day off today to spend time with my other amazing boy :)  Daddy has been out of town for a while and Zayne was excited to have him go to chemo!!  Jake said he did great!!!  He was so excited about the new toys the hospital got.  I think he was super geeked to show Dad all the cool new stuff!!!  Thanks for all the support!!!  I promise I will have more in depth stories to come....I have been enjoying the summer and frankly haven't had time away from my kids :D  But I do have alot of encouraging stuff to share :)  God has been really doing an over haul on my brain and the way I view adversity and also what I allow my kids to see.  I am excited where my family is at right now!!  Daddy should be home for the summer and I think I am more excited about that than the kids :)  So much to fill you all in on!!!!  However I have to be up at 6 am for a dentist appt. :/ not a fan of getting a cracked tooth fixed...I HATE NEEDLES.... Personally I don't know how my son does it.  He is such a strong boy. We have an MRI on the 12!! Can't wait to see how much the tumor has shrank :) Ok I'm really signing off now. I promise stories to come!!! Love to you all!!!

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