Thursday, July 31, 2014

Its raining in my coffee...and on my books! by Jamie Lightner

Are latest adventure was at the Summer Nights Event in Eaton Rapids.  If you haven't visited, you gotta come out some time.   The following is what it looked like for us...

Jame, are you on the way yet.

Well, I was but I had to turn around for the table cloth.

You turned around! Seriously!

Jess we NEED a table cloth! 
I wouldn’t go home for it.

We need it!  Its all about presentation!
Ok whatever you say.

(I swerved into parking lot on 2 wheels 3 minutes late. Our first customer was in line before we were set up.   Ahhhhhhh.   Thank goodness we knew her so she was patient with us.  Jess and I ran frantically back and fourth looking quite frazzled, lets just say we looked a bit misguided for sure. 
But soon enough we had a rack of t-shirts all hanging nicely and our big giant umbrella just in case it decided to sprinkle a bit.
Ok,(sigh) One customer already, yay!  Now we are set up , and we can kick back and have some fun.
Yeah, But I hope those clouds don't come this way. 
Oh, yay here is another customer. (I said pretending the clouds weren't there)
(We were both as giddy as two school girls in a candy store!  And just as we opened another book to sign for yet another customer, a huge gust of wind wooshed through the park and our pages went flyin.  Jess had to chase down our shirts as the whole rack tried to wheel away, I held on to the giant umbrella!  As a kid I always wanted to travel Mary Poppins style, but tonight I REALLY wanted to stay sign books!   Our current customer, also friend, laid across our table trying to hold down the cloth and scattered books. For a couple minutes there was nothing we could do but try and keep everything from blowing away. 
Once we were sure we wouldn't be reinacting the Twister scene form Wizard of Oz, we signed the poor girl's book.  
And moments later it down poured....
Yup. DOWN POURED!!   Jess and I frantically ran our books, and shirts back to the van. And then just stood there under the umbrella just decided to laugh.   

Seriously, this is us.  I mean this is how we do things.  Can't just have a simple signing, we gotta have a fiasco. 
Right.  I really wasn't expecting a blog, Jess.  I thought tonight we would look a bit professional. Have a little coffee, sign some books.  Ya, know.  Author stuff.  
Hahahahahahahahah.   heeeee heeeee.  Oh Jame you are too funny! let me catch my breath.  You just said us and professional in the same sentence.  hahahahahahah.  I just cant stop laughing. 
Hey here comes someone who doesn't know us.  Look like an author!

(Our next 2 customers did not know us so of course we thought this was cool.  But it was quite evident our professional side did not exist.  Nope.  We giggled and asked them to take pictures with us so we could put them on Facebook.)
The rest of the evening was filled with many more laughs with supportive friends, and new fans.  Live music, entertainment and just an all around great community event.  I look forward to see what the Eaton Rapids summer nights flourishes into.

Check out our Misguided Sisters Facebook page for pictures.  For some reason I get them to load on the blog. 


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