Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Super Z round 2-Jessica Warren

Well we heard from the doctor today and after a lot of stressing, praying, counseling, we have decided the best route for Zayne is a 1 year program on a different type of chemo.  Unfortunately on this chemo there are no breaks.  Its every week for 52 weeks.  Our prayer is that Zayne tolerates this one as well as he did the last.  It's a little harder and he may lose those beautiful white locks but I am trying to think positive. 
I had an opportunity to talk to my life coach Dean and he really did a great job of helping me wade through some of the thoughts I had been dealing with. 
So one day at a time we will take this journey.  I don't have to take on the whole year right now.  I don't even have to worry about the first MRI.  Nope.  All I have to do is ENJOY being a mom and be CONFIDENT in the mom that I am :)  The clarity is here tonight and I'm thankful.  We will keep everyone posted but his first treatment is Tuesday the 2nd.  Kinda replaying last year it feels.  Ayden's first day of school and Z's first day of a new treatment.  Please keep us in prayer.  The support we get from all of you helps tremendously.  We cannot tell you how much your posts, texts, and prayers mean to us. Thankyou!!!!

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