Monday, September 1, 2014

'Twas the night before school.... A poem written by the "Misguided Sisters"

'Twas the night before school

And all through the home

Not a child was laughing

It was all moans and groans


Dad was scrambling

To get the kids to bed

While mother slapped some peanut butter

On the last few pieces of bread


 Clothes were laid out

All back packs were hung

Summer was over

The fat lady had sung


The kids were restless

And in their beds by eight

Alarms were set

So no one would be late


Finally all,

 Were asleep in their beds

While visions of Recess

Danced in their heads


When all of a sudden

There arose such a clatter

“What is that !!!”

“What could be the matter!!”


I couldn’t hit the snooze button

Nearly fast enough

“Ugh” I groaned

This morning would be rough


“Mom,  it’s too early”

The kids whined and pouted

“Get up!!! We are going to be LATE!!”

The mom shouted.


Clothes, breakfast, toothbrushes

Not a thing to be missed

And on their way out the door

Each adorned with a mothers kiss


The mom sang while she swept

She made that house shine everywhere

No one would mess it up today

Because NO ONE would be there!


With the last load of laundry drying

As she made up her bed

Visions of Biggby Coffee

Danced in her head


Oh yes! She thought

She will get herself a Frapp

And then to Meijer’s, or the mall

Or maybe take a nap


She looked at the clock

The time was 2:33

There is still so much work to be done

And she hasn’t had her coffee


That’s ok

It’s September for goodness sake

There are many more days

Before Christmas break


Kids bounced through the door

Full of stories and cheer

Happy school days to all

And to all a Great year!

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