Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where is that dang pot of gold anyway? By Jamie Lightner

Ya see,  I am what I like to refer to as a recovering perfectionist.  I am one of those people who struggles with chronically trying to improve themselves.  Ya know be better, do better, get it right!  What amazed me when I attended what I like to call my “perfectionists anonymous” meetings, AKA Turning Leaf Seminars, I realized the more I chased that dream of being that “good” person, or “getting it right”, or reacting “perfectly” to every situation, well, the further I seemed to get from my “goal”  I realized it felt like I was chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.   Where is that dang pot of gold anyway?   No where!  The closer you get to the end of the rainbow the further it moves away.  Same is true in chasing perfection.   So despite my efforts to be the perfect, nice, patient, loving, forgiving always react perfectly to every situation person,  I only seemed to get less nice, less patient, less loving, forgiving.  And of course I exploded in various situations in which I would have preferred to remain calm. 
But here’s a thought…what if that was “perfect”?   Of course it’s not my ultimate course setting goal, but what if it was actually a necessary part of my growth.  What if my mistakes and imperfections were a part of my humanity and that without them I would cease to progress   Well, what a weight off that would be.  You mean, It’s perfect not to be perfect….Well that is just PERFECT!!!”   

And this my dear friends is what ALOT of our book is about!!  lol

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