Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Been there Done That...I can't believe my kid ate that.

Been There, Done That…I can’t believe my kid ate that.

I want to hear from you. Share your similar experiences that unite us all…

I had taken my kids to McDonald’s one night for dessert and some time on the play land. The kids were up in the tunnels and I took a call on my cell phone. While talking with a friend of mine, my 3 three year old came and sat next to me. I looked at him and said, “Oh, are you finishing your nuggets” and then I was flooded with panic when I remembered we didn’t order nuggets, we only had dessert. Oh gross!

So now I want to here similar stories. Share your “ I can’t believe my kid ate that” story in the comments!!

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  1. Our house is crazy with two 8 year-olds, one 7 year-old, two 5 year-olds, one toddler of 16 months, and a 75 pound German Sheppard 10 month-old puppy. You can see where this is going...We are now in the pattern of feeding the dog during Chuck's nap time and then putting the bowl away once he is up. We had a couple of days in which Chuck was eating more of Schatzie's food than she was! I suppose we can be grateful that we don't have a pet dung-beetle!