Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is it time for bed yet?

Wow. What a busy day. Out of bed this morning at 7, made lunches and sent the kids to school with Mike. Jump on the treadmill for 10 min. so I could say I worked out today. Then totally exhausted and sweaty after such a strenuous run, I took a shower. Today I was volunteering at the school so as soon as I was ready I took Bo to my sisters and made it to all 3 kids class rooms in 3 hours. Yeah!

The rest of the afternoon pretty much consumed by my Taxi services. Picked up Bo, picked up Timmy and friend from school. An hour later went back to pick up Josh and Kate from after school activity. Went home cooked dinner, got the boys ready for wrestling and sent them out the door with there Dad.

Spent the rest of the evening with Bo and Kate, which was actually a calm evening despite the 10 minutes I was giving Bo bouncy rides on my shins. I know sounds weird on paper but I am sure most of you have humored you toddler in this same way.(lying on your back with your knees to your chest and the kid bouncing on your shins). Anyway, Bo is quiet the sausage. He ways a lot. So I should have gained some muscle tonight. Which technically means I worked out twice today.

But finally all are tucked away and I am ready for bed.

Good night.

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