Saturday, March 6, 2010

And then they grew up

I remember when Josh was just a baby thinking he would never be in Kindergarten, and now he is in fifth grade. Sometimes my life is so tied up in my two year old I have to stop and take a moment to realize how grown up my others are getting. Josh and Kate had their DI competition today and they had to do an improv skit. Their whole team did great. It was so cool for me to watch both of my kids plow through nerves and put on a good show. My daughter, for those who have read about her “drama” did put all that flare to good use. I do believe your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength. Later that night they were telling me about their awards and I just looked at them and soaked up the moment. They seemed so grown up. I am so proud of them and I just hope I soak up every moment I can. It is going by faster than I ever thought it would! I am sure most of you would agree. From getting up in the night to crayons on the walls sometimes it feels as though they will never grow up…. and then one day you look at them and realize they have been growing up the whole time.

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