Friday, March 5, 2010

Thank God for ice cream!

Well this will be short cause I just can’t wait to climb under my electric blanket at watch TV. Bo is recovering. He is on an antibiotic. Yesterday I spent most of the day next to him watching cartoons. He was too uncomfortable to walk. But today the antibiotic was obviously working cause he was back to his busy self. The day went pretty good just a little chaos in the end when I was trying to clean the house of course. I was mopping my floor when Bo decided to go outside in his footy pajamas with no shoes. Then later he was coughing (yeah, on top of everything else he has a cold), while coughing he gagged and through up on my couch. Yuck. Then not missing a beat he and Ayden (his 1 year old cousin) took all the pillows of my couch so they were scattered all over the floor. I soon realized trying to clean the house was just not worth it.

So I cleaned up dinner and gave him a bath and put on his clean PJ’s. And as soon as Michael and Jake walked through the door Jess and I ditched them all and went up to the dairy crème to get flurries with chocolate ice crème, stuffed with reeces peanut butter cups. Cause nothing like a good Flurry after a long week! Funny thing is 2 days ago I was laughing at all the people in line for ice cream with the snow all around, and now it was me!!!!

Well, that about raps it up. I am glad my boy is on the mend, and I am very thankful for ice cream too!!!!!!

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