Sunday, March 21, 2010

Just a little Rambling

The past few days have been busy, but pretty good. I don’t recall too many Bo catastrophes. Well, accept for today he climbed to the top of the grain elevator at my in-laws place. But we were able to retrieve him with all his limbs in tact so all in all a successful day. It’s like I tell my husband if we come home with four kids it’s a good day, we strive to come home with the same four we leave with but ya know we gotta be realistic when setting goals. haha My life revolves around a constant head count, that is for sure! Especially these days.

My thighs are finally starting to feel normal again. For those of you who missed that post, last week I started going up to the school to do the insanity work out with others who are clearly insane. I would have thought I would have been in fairly good shape from running after Bo all the time. My biceps should be bulging from carrying him home after he runs off to moms. My thighs should be in great shape from running up and down the stairs to do the laundry, or give Bo bouncy rides on my legs. I get lots of cardio from running down to the jungle gym to Bo off the top of the bars. But for the past week every time I bend down to pick something off the floor I could feel the painful pull in the back of my thigh. Seeing that I have 4 kids and 1husband, there is a lot to on the floor. Now I can finally clean again without wincing and it is time to go back to the workout again tomorrow. Oh boy.

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