Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, my question is how many times can a mom go to the store, with a list mind you, and come home still missing items needed. I am an avid list maker. My whole life is surrounded by lists. So you would think that I would be able to get everything I need in one trip, but no. I went to the store last Tuesday with a list to get me through 2 weeks so I wouldn’t have to go to the store with Ayden, except maybe for a couple of produce items. As you know I went to Sams AND Meijer yesterday. Then last night after the whole chaos of yesterday I realized Josh needed cleats. We ran in after Ayden woke up today, grabbed cleats at Payless and went to Walmart to get the items I thought of. I even had Josh make a list on the way there while I drove. I know, it sounds like I am really organized. Yeah, whatever. Anyway, once again I was in a store with 2 kids under 3 in my cart. I tell ya, when my life goes back to just Bo and me I am going to think he is so easy. We made our way through Walmart. I kept getting lured to the clearance racks where I saw shirts for 3 dollars and Josh kept dragging me away. Oh Man! Shirts for 3 dollars and I am here with a pile of kids. Oh well, I will just choose to believe they were probably really stupid shirts. Finally, headed home feeding the kids and myself crackers to hold us through dinner. It was such a beautiful day the kids played outside while I fixed dinner. It was during this process I realized I did not have black beans, which I am pretty sure is rather important when the meal is “black bean burritos.” Seriously, I have been to the store 3 times in the past seven days. Wait, actually 4, I had already stopped at rite aid today while picking up a prescription to grab milk, and a folder Josh needed. Oh forget it. I never want to go to the store again. Luckily my mom saved the day. She had black beans, and seeing that she is my neighbor, I was able to grab them before the water for my rice was boiling! At least there is a happy ending. Dinner was yummy!!!!!

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  1. Hey Jamie... Just skimmed over your post and I have to say wow! You're really taking the whole "borrow a cup of sugar from you neighbor" thing too far. Why didn't you just buy some blackbeans while you were at the store? ;)