Thursday, April 15, 2010

We are improving

We are improving. Bo hasn’t trucked off to my moms for some time now, but I looked out today and he and Ayden were headed across the yard. I hollered, “You, boys get back here or you will have to take a time out. You did not ask to go to Nonnies.” Now as most of you know, what usually follows is me hiking my self across the yard to catch the now sprinting kid and then carry the kicking, screaming 35lb toddler back to the house to put him in time out. But not today. Bo looked at me and said “ok” and started walking back to the house. I felt my knees buckle almost as if I were going to faint. I thought I was going to need to call 911. They were going to have to bring out the paddles and shock my heart out of it’s shock! Wow, we are making improvements. First I couldn’t keep the kid in time out and had to put him in the pack and play, but now he will sit in the time out chair (fake crying while in the chair, it is actually kind of funny, I have to make sure he doesn’t catch me giggling). Yeah! So there is hope. I do believe he is learning. So I encourage all you moms out there raising a kid who has more energy and more will power that you.:) Just be consistent and patient. And just keep loving them. It is a learning process. And the way I look at it. If they are a fighter now, just imagine how much they will be able to accomplish as an adult! They will be the one who pursues their dream even when someone told them NO. Naturally I will need you to remind me of this when I want to put Bo back on ebay. So I will probably be hearing from you tomorrow.

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