Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

Well I know that Father’s Day has come and gone, but I still want to write what I intended on writing that day, only time just did not permit. One more week and summer ball is done and life should slow down a bit. Whew! I am ready for that.

Anyway on Father’s Day I thought about my Dad and what he has been to me through out my life. He is an amazing man, and one whom I look up to. When I think of my dad I think of someone who dares to do the impossible. If he was interested he went for it. He hitchhiked from here to California in his younger days. Now naturally I don’t intend on hitch hiking anytime soon, but it was his spirit of adventure that I admire. Later on after he had two kids, he decided he wanted to learn how to fly an airplane. Now I have many childhood memories of climbing into my Dad’s airplane and flying to many different destinations. I can still here the sound of his voice talking to the flight control center over the head set. “Comanche N5436 Papa, just headed into Chicago….” And then later when I was in high school he decided he wanted to be a farmer. He brought home a baby calf one day, in the “cab” of my truck because it was to “afraid” to ride in the back. He initially tried to send me for some paper towel and have me clean up what the calf had “deposited” down the side of the passenger door, but I was not about to be that compliant of a daughter. Anyway, he brought this calf home before we even had the fence done. My dad is a dive in and fix things along the way kind of guy. He definitely doesn’t stick to the “traditional” way of accomplishing things. But that is exactly why his business is still thriving today. He knew in order to make it through this tough economy and be a successful business owner in these ever evolving times he was going to have to think outside of the box, and believe in the hard to believe. And that is exactly what my Dad does. I admire that in my Dad and the little girl in me wants to be just like him when I “grow up.”

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