Thursday, September 23, 2010


Ahhhhhhhhhhh. I just stepped in poo with my bare foot. Seriously, what else is going to happen today? It all started this morning when I ate 3, and I mean 3 corn pops. I was going for my 3rd attempt to get my blood drawn. The first attempt is back in my blog post “being productive is over rated”. The second attempt was yesterday. I scheduled a chiropractic appointment for the afternoon and planned on getting my blood drawn then since the lab was right across the street. Ya know, trying to be efficient with my gas money. Problem is I was supposed to fast. I was going to try to make it with out eating, but I woke up and I didn’t feel good and I was cranky. I figured this increased the odds of me eating Bo if he got to annoying, so since I do rather like him I thought I would reschedule the chiropractor appointment. So today I was all geared and ready to go and then without even thinking I grabbed up the 3 pops on the counter that must have fell out of someone’s bowl and ate them. Ugh! Seriously. So I called the lab to see if those 3 pops would make a difference. Their response, and not so friendly I might add was, “Well, that is like you just ate 3 blobs of sugar.” And yes he said “blobs”. So I drove out to the chiropractor and then headed in to do some grocery shopping. My first stop was Sams! Things went pretty smoothly in Sams, other than they were serving samples and it was lunchtime so I kept buying what they were promoting. Then we went to check out. I swiped my card and then realized they don’t take Visa. But I couldn’t use my Discover because we canceled that card from when I lost my wallet and our new card hadn’t come in yet. So I said I could use debit. But the cashier, a young guy who seemed less than thrilled to be working today, said that their “debit” system wasn’t working. I didn’t have my check book with me cause I used it this morning to pay off the hot lunch bill I was acquiring. “Well, I don’t have anything else on me.” I told the kid. In a monotone voice he responded, “Well, maybe you could just go home and get another card.” So I said “Dude, do you think I just keep a stash of credit cards under my pillow so when the Sams debit system is down I can just haul my butt 45 minutes back home and 45 minutes back into town to use a different card.” Just kidding, that’s what I wanted to say but I didn’t. I did however tell him that I lived 45 min away and asked if there was a credit option on the sams membership. He sent me to the service desk to apply. So at the service desk she said she just got the credit system to work again and I was able to use my debit card. Thank God, cause if I walked out of that store with out groceries I wasn’t coming back. We would just have to eat cereal for the rest of the week. After the escapade at Sams I headed to Meijer where they did take Visa. Bo wasn’t in the shopping mood by the time we went into Meijer so just think about everything you know about Bo and I am sure you can imagine what it was like in Meijer with him today. But somehow or another I managed to get my items and make it to the check out where yet another escapade began. My Visa was declined. Now, I am aware of the stigma that people have when there card is declined, frankly I don’t care what the cashier was thinking, I was frustrated at the dang inconvenience. I only had the one credit card, so I had to call Michael to make sure I could use the debit card yet once again. I didn’t want to overdraw our account. He made sure everything was ok and I made it out of there with my groceries. Finally, we were headed home with all our food.
I had just enough time to unload my groceries and then we would need to head up to the school to pick up the kids. As I was unloading the van I notice it smelled like a poopy diaper. But it couldn’t be a diaper cause Bo was “potty trained.” Turns out Bo pooped his pants. So I sent him to the bathroom to get a head start. He had done it before in the past so I wasn’t too concerned. I through the rest of the cold items in the fridge and then went to help Bo. First I had to use the key to pop the lock on the bathroom door and then I stepped into the bathroom and stepped on a turd. And yes I was barefooted. And it wasn’t the more solid kind; it was the eeewww squishy kind. Just want to make sure you understand what I was going through. So I got the mess all cleaned up and raced up to get the kids. When we got home I begged them to just leave me alone for 15 minutes so I could lie down and the painkiller for my headache could take effect. Yeah. They do not have a good understanding of what “leave me ALONE” means. Finally it was time to throw dinner together, eat and then head up to soccer. While I was cooking, Bo was sitting on the counter. I hear him say “uh-oh” and looked over to see a big pile of hot, ploppy margarine was plopped on my counter. It was warm from sitting out today and when he picked it up it tipped and dumped. Oh, good, cause I thought I was done with the blog material for the day, nope. I just left it on the counter and dipped into from there while cooking the eggs for dinner.
The day is now done and the kids are tucked away. So now I am lying here next to a bag of chocolate. Hmmmmmmmm. Tomorrow I will try to have a less eventful day. We shall see.

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