Friday, September 17, 2010

Being productive is over rated

So I put Bo in day care today. That was really strange, my last baby going to day care. I decided to send him once a week for just a couple of hours so I could get work done. I have a parenting class that I am teaching in 2 weeks, I am going to be in the Women’s Expo in Jackson, and have other stuff to keep up with for TurningLeaf, so I figured with Bo in day care for a couple of hours I could work VERY EFFICIENTLY. No stopping to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, no one there to push random buttons on the keyboard while I am trying to work on the computer. I could just work for 3 hours and actually accomplish something. Well, I had to go get my blood taken. I just had a yearly physical and they wanted some blood work, so I thought, hey, I will go while Bo is at day care so he can’t terrorize the lab room. As much as this experience would leave me with an abundance of blog material, I was looking for a little more of the “boring life” approach. So I dropped Bo off today, crossed my fingers as I walked out the door hoping he would pee his pants today, or “worse”. And headed into Lansing “kid free”. I could hardly contain myself. No sponge Bob playing on the DVD player, no one asking me for nuggets as we passed McDonalds, no one crying to get out of his seat. It was just heavenly until I remembered that I was supposed to fast before getting my blood drawn. I was now 25 min. into my 35-minute drive and all my calmness was floating away from me only to be replaced with pure frustration. Dang it I had a glass of juice this morning. Before I turned around I called the lab to see if “juice” was considered “not fasting”, and yes it was so I had to go home with all the blood I left with. I really wanted to say to the lab tech “You don’t understand. My 3 year old is in day care today, I live 35 minutes away and I am supposed to be productive!!!!!! Not take joy rides in the van daydreaming about being productive! And if I don’t come in today I will have to bring my 3 year old with me tomorrow and trust me YOU do not want me to do that!!!! Please, please, please take my blood, it was 100% juice, I can’t be THAT contaminated.” But I refrained from my “crazy mom rant” and just said, “Oh, well that’s a bummer.” So I drove home doing my best to find the “silver lining” in an hour of “unproductiveness”. I flipped through the radio and the song “Girls just wanna have fun” was playing. So I got my grove on and danced to the music in my “kid free” van. I guess I will try to be more productive next week? I did get a few phone calls made, so all was not a loss. Besides, being productive is way over rated.

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