Monday, September 20, 2010


Football. Hummmmm. So you go and sit outside in the freezing cold, sometimes raining and sometimes snowing. You have five layers of clothes on starting with your long johns and you are wrapped in your “Go Team” blanket. You grab a cup of hot chocolate hoping to drink it all before in turns into a slushy chocolate. And you sit there and you watch a bunch of guys line up, you do your best to keep your eye on the ball only to lose it cause you followed the fake play and find out where the ball is by looking for the big pile of players on the field. Nope, not me! I am more of a baseball girl myself. Sunshine, hotdogs and cracker jacks. Oh yeah! However, this weekend I had the opportunity to go to the Big House and watch the game from a suite due to a company perk that the people who were “supposed” to go couldn’t make it. If I am going to go watch a bunch of guys throw a ball and then end up in one big pile I definitely vote to do it in a warm room with no rain. It was funny though I kept hearing words like tight end and off sides, delay of game, and illegal motion. Yeah. The only football terms I know are line backer (although I have no idea what a line backer does.) quarter back, interception and touch down. The later 3 I named at least I do KNOW what there are. I have heard the term “wide receiver” also, but I am now wondering is there a narrow receiver too. I will have to ask Michael. When Michael watches the game he hollers out the plays as they are doing them. Me not so much, I just see first there are guys in a straight line, then they end up in one big pile. I do keep up with the good clean passes and I can appreciate a really long one. I must admit though, I used to be jealous of football. I would say to Michael, “ Hey baby, you want to go out to dinner tonight.” And he would respond with “sure that sounds good.” But Michigan makes a touch down, and I hear yells and screams with fists in the air “Yeah! Yeah!” Oh and if they lose. Whew, it is not pretty. Michael, my non-emotional husband, I think he actually sheds tears. It is quite entertaining to see. By far baseball is my favorite, however, going to the “Big House” and watching the players pile up on the field in person rather than on TV is a real treat. It was a good game this weekend and my husband is a happy man.

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