Monday, September 13, 2010

I lost my wallet

I lost my wallet. Ugh. Not fun. I haven’t had it for about two weeks now; I just kept waiting for it to show up. Finally, this morning I went to get a new license. I really needed my ID and I figured this was the for sure way to find my wallet. Just get the new license and the new credit cards and I was bound to find my wallet soon after, right? Well, we shall see. Shoeless Bo and I went into Secretary of State to get it done. (I couldn’t find his shoes) I went into Albion and there was absolutely no wait. Perfect! Thank goodness there wasn’t a wait, because Bo was able to stir up enough trouble while I was filling out the forms. The lady had to stop me in the middle of filling out my address to tell me he was no longer sitting in the chair behind me, but standing on the table. After I got him down he spent the remainder of our time there rearranging the chairs. Finally, everything was approved and the lady said, “That will be nine dollars please.” Oh right, I forgot about the fact that this would cost money. I was to busy trying to locate three items with an address and MY name on it to prove I was me. Well, I forgot my checkbook and the only card I had on me was Michael’s Visa. And they only accept MasterCard and Discover. My Discover was in the wallet, which I no longer have. So I had no other choice than to go home and get my checkbook. On my way out I came of with the grand idea of going to Felpausch and buying some groceries and then just getting “cash back”. I am just glad I remembered I had to have a Discover card to do that before I was in the check out line. So I just headed home and then went right back. Finally, I am legal once again. I have been using Michaels Visa for groceries and such just hoping they wouldn’t ask for my ID. Funny thing is the only place that asked me for it was the Goodwill. I found it quite ironic that THEY were asking me for ID. Seriously, if I stole someone’s credit card, I would be at the GAP!!!!!! Not goodwill. I had to laugh. Fortunately they let me make my purchase!!!

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