Thursday, October 28, 2010

And I teach parenting classes!

Often times I will let Bo push the unlock button on my key to unlock the van. Well, I was getting ready to leave my sister’s house and he grabbed the keys out of my purse and headed out the door. I was grabbing some other things out of my sister’s house and I heard the horn honking, hearing the long honks I realized he was no longer just pushing the lock button; he was actually in the van “honking” the horn. So I headed out the door where I then found myself standing in the rain trying to convince a 3 year old to unlock the door and let me in. He just kept saying “no”. The thought that went through my head as I stood there getting wet in the cold rain was “and I teach parenting classes, huh, the irony”. So I did what any good parent would do. I walked back in the house, shut the door and helped myself to some homemade cookies Jess had made. Ok I did eat the cookie next to the window so I could be sure he didn’t figure out how to start the car and drive off. But I took a half a minute to shift my energy from “extremely” annoyed to a much calmer place. I then walked back out there and said again. “Ok Bo, it is time to unlock the door please.” He said, “ok” and as he opened the door his next words were, “I peed in the pants”. Oh yeah, I was supposed to be going to Wal-Mart to get food to feed our family. Yeah, I am pretty sure it is somewhere in the mom requirements to feed the family. As tempted as I was, I just couldn’t really take my kid with wet pants to the store. So I headed home, as I was turning down my road I remembered I had a back up pair of underwear and pants in my van. Of course by this time I didn’t have time to head back in to town and still make it back to pick up the kids. So we had leftovers for dinner and the kids will be eating hot lunch tomorrow since we have no bread! On the bright side at least I didn’t have to go shopping today! And Josh didn’t have play practice today so I picked the kids up after school and came home. I let the kids have a little TV time and I lied down on my bed and did absolutely NOTHING for 45 whole minutes! It was grand. It is amazing what a little down time can do for ya.

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