Saturday, October 30, 2010

We lost Bo

Well, we have officially lost all four of our kids at some point in time. I have been dreading the day we would lose Bo; I figured it was bound to happen though considering our record. Well, last night at the football game he wandered ahead of me. I sent Josh after him as I said hi to a friend. Now usually this tactic is quite successful. Josh and Kate are regular “Bo getters” and they both have become quite the experts at their retrieving skills. Tonight however was a little different. I said Hi to my friend and looked back up and Bo and Josh were gone. So I said to her “I will be right back, I have to go see where there went.” I walked over to the steps on the bleachers, where they just were and looked out in all directions. They were nowhere. I was puzzled at how they could disappear so quickly. I was sure I was just over looking them in the crowd and in a second I should see them, but the seconds kept passing. Jackie came up to me and said, “Did you find him” When I replied no she took off in one direction and I the other. She hollered to me, “Jamie, what color is his coat?” It was at this time my cognitive skills were fading as they do when I begin to panic. And I said, “I don’t know, maybe blue.” I wasn’t losing my mind YET, cause I was sure Josh had him somewhere, and most people in Springport are getting quite familiar with who Bo is. And besides that, if anyone tried to steal him I am quite sure they would see if he had a return policy. But still I was ready to see my baby safe and sound. So I went to tell Michael I just lost our child and he needed to help me find him. He said in his smarty-pants tone “Where is he.” Well duh, if I knew that I sure wouldn’t be standing here admitting to you that I lost him. I went one way he went another and in moments here came Josh and Bo up the other side of the bleachers. Bo had been wanting to go see the band all night and I guess that was his intention cause he just kept pointing to the band as Josh kept pushing him toward me. When I got to them Josh explained to me that he ran under the bleachers. This explained how they were able to disappear so quickly. I thanked Josh for sticking with him even though Bo was not listening to him. I then told Jackie to stop the search and she looked at me and said “Um Jamie, his coat is orange” Oops. Yeah, a little panicked. But thankfully not as stressful as when we lost Timmy, but still, I just like to know where my kids are and that they are safe. And now that I think back on it they were all age 3 when they each took their turn getting lost. Ya know, now that I think about it, we have four and we have lost all four at one point in time, well that certainly doesn’t look good on the ole parenting resume. Humph. This brings me back to my statement from my last post, “And I teach parenting classes” I guess I probably don’t want to list those incidents on my “list of accomplishments”.

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