Monday, November 1, 2010

All in a good days work

Well, I worked “FROM” home today. I started at 12pm and didn’t punch out till 6, when I had an appointment, and then finally had dinner with the family at 7:30. The reason for my emphasis on the word from, is because I didn’t get a dang thing done concerning my actual home. I currently have 3 baskets of laundry sitting next to me on my bed. They are clean I must say but not folded. I have a load in the dryer that I have turned on twice now because my hang-ups are in that load and I don’t want them to wrinkle. My kitchen has the dinner mess left in it, but at least I did cook dinner. And when I say the word “cook” I mean put the pan of frozen lasagna I prepared 2 weeks ago for such a day as this into the oven. At dinner we had our family meeting, which was actually very productive! And while we were being productive Bo accidentally dumped out half the can of Parmesan cheese on his lasagna. We salvaged as much as we could, but Bo still ended up eating quite a bit. The toy room however, is clean, Bo went on a cleaning rampage and decided to clean it all himself. Personally I think he was just trying to avoid bedtime, but hey, a kid that wants to clean, what mom could say no.

As for me I frankly don’t care what my house looks like. I am climbing into bed with a bowl of ice cream and calling it a day.

Good night!

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