Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So where were they?

So today I called my husband and the conversation began with me saying, “So, babe, you love me for all the entertainment, non-boringness, craziness I bring into your life, right?” His response was “Oh boy.” Ya see, he is used to me making his life what I like to call “less boring.” Like when Josh was a baby and I sent him back to the football field after it was all shut down, to retrieve a baby bottle I thought I left there. It was an expensive baby bottle Josh needed at the time. I was so stressed thinking it might be lost. So Michael reassured me that he would go get it. He drove back into town, jumped the fence at the field and searched the bleachers but came up empty handed. I later found it in the diaper bag, I never left it at the game. So it is because of numerous “non-boring” experiences like these that warranted the “oh boy”. Well, for those of you who read my blog about Kate’s new bed we couldn’t assemble because of the lost screws, I found them. I found them today and didn’t want to tell Michael, who searched the entire house and the entire garage, that I found them in my purse. Yup, I pulled out my planner today and there they were, in my purse. When I told my friend about it she said I owed Bo an apology for blaming him. lol Hmmm. Maybe I could stick with the “Bo stuck them in my purse story”. Ok, probably not. Oh well, at least we found them. And this way an instructional manual with come with the new screws we ordered.

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