Monday, October 4, 2010

To get things done, things must get undone.

Well I learned today that when using Play Dough to keep your 3 year old busy while trying to get work done, well, one should not work in the other room. I had Travis here and he and Bo were playing with the Play Dough at the kitchen table just having a good ole time. I was in the office listening to the laughter between the 2 boys, hoping they would stay busy, so I could finish up what I was working on. The laughter finally getting to the point I thought they were probably having too much fun. Sure enough I walked into the kitchen to see what looked like a Play Dough explosion. It was all over the table, chairs and the floor. And Bo was on top of the table stopping bits of Play Dough into the bottom of his shoes. It just seems like to get anything done while the kids are occupied I just end up with yet another mess to clean up. Yup, if they are giving you enough time to get ANYTHING done, it is only because they are destroying something else. Well, gotta say it is a good thing he is so cute. haha

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