Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Uninterrupted sleep, what's that?

This morning I spent the last 20 min. of my sleep in my daughter’s bed. At about 6am Timmy came and climbed into the bed cause he had a bad dream. Now usually I let them lay with me for about 10 minutes until they are calm and then send them back to their room. But this morning by the time I was going to send Timmy back to bed, it was so close to the time to get up I figured why send him back and take a chance on waking Bo up. So I decided I would just try to sleep with him for the last 35 minutes. Now, I to love snuggling with my kids, but sleeping with Timmy is like sleeping with a Kung Fu Fighter in the middle of a fight. And then to top it off, at about 6:30 my daughter walked in wanting to climb in our bed afraid of the wind. I was not about to be in a queen sized bed with my husband and two of my kids. And the odds of me getting Kate to go back to her room were pretty slim. So I jumped ship. I left my husband in the bed with the two munchkins and went to Kate’s bed to try and get twenty more minutes of rest. Life with kids, gotta love it.

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