Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Here we "BO" again

So yesterday I was in Wal-Mart with Bo and for the most part he did great. I find that if I go to Walmart, PLANNING on it taking two hours then I can just enjoy the time walking with Bo, letting him put the groceries in the cart. Well, it just so happens about halfway through our list Bo had to go potty, of course. No big deal, at least I don’t have to change him any more. I took him into the restroom and he ran ahead and picked out his stall, and then locked the door. Yes, locked me out. He apparently wanted to do things on his own, but I like to go with him to attempt to keep him putting his little pudgy hands on everything. Another lady walked into the restroom and there I was trying to “nicely” get my three year old to open the door. Kinda embarrassing. Finally he opened the door and told me that he didn’t have to go anymore. I just love it when we go into a public restroom and walk out with more germs that when we went in, and NOT go potty. Finally, we could not fit one more item into our cart. All checked out and ready to go Bo announced he had to go potty. And off he went. I followed close behind saying, “No, Bo not that one”, as he walked into the men’s room. So there I was outside the men’s room once again “nicely” trying to get him to come out. Now I had everyone in lanes 6,7,8 and 9 staring at me. Finally, Bo walked out just looking at me like I was the crazy one. I guess it would seem kinda strange to a three year old that his mom was standing outside of the bathroom afraid to walk in.

So crazy yesterday, but today he is not feeling so well. He had a fever this afternoon and just wanted to snuggle with me. It was practically impossible to cook dinner. I through some fish sticks in the oven and reheated the broccoli and noodles from last night and called it good. And as crazy as it all seemed when he fell asleep on my bed, my heart just melted. I hate it when there are sick, but the snuggle time is precious and those moments I will cherish forever.

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