Friday, November 19, 2010

What a great Day with the Kids!

What a great night. I had thought I would be staying in with my sick Bo, but turns out 24 hours on an antibiotic is all the little “red bull” child needs. My sis-in-law works for HOME.FM and she invited the kids on the float for the Christmas parade in Jackson. So I, and I alone packed four kids and myself up. Anyone who knows me well, knows what a big deal this was. I do NOT like cold weather. Personally the idea of a “Parade” in the cold weather is just crazy. But my husband was hunting and a thought I would be the “FUN” parent. Don’t get me wrong; I am certainly a fun parent. But outdoor cold fun, yeah, not so much. But I put on my long John’s, and layered everyone else up too. I dropped my older 3 off to their Aunt and Bo and I found a parking space and went to watch the parade. It seemed like forever before it started. Once it started Bo wanted me to hold him so he could see. “No problem” I thought. “I mean, how long could a parade in the cold weather be?" Well I soon found out those cold weather parades could be quite long. And after about 45 min. of holding my 39-pound kid, well, I thought it would never end. It was a cute parade though; I especially enjoyed the float with the hot air balloon fire things on it. (Not sure what they are called) They were blowing FIRE. I could feel the heat began to melt the ice icicles that had begun to form on my chin. I wished I could ride on that float. Now that would be my kind of cold weather parade! Just before the parade was over and I was getting tired I set Bo down. He then began to run around me in circles. He thought he was quite funny. I just watched him go round and round thinking, “Really, didn’t you just get on an antibiotic? Shouldn’t you be recovering?’’ I always love those snuggle times when they don’t feel good. I got one afternoon of snuggle time with Bo, and then back on his feet he was a runnin.

Finally the parade was finished and Bo and I made our way to the Michigan Theater where we would meet up with the others and watch elf. That was a blast. As I ate my sandwich I had packed, I could feel my arms shake with every bite I lifted to my mouth. Apparently forty five minutes with 39 pounds in my arms had taken it’s toll. Well, I guess no need to workout tomorrow. As we watched Elf, it took two bags of popcorn to keep Bo sitting still, but he made it through the whole movie. It was 10:20 before we were all loaded up and on the road home. Kate and Timmy fell asleep, but Bo, well, he talked the whole way home. I as so hoping he would fall asleep so I could carry him to bed, but nope, we did our usual bedtime routine. The one where Bo looks like a jumping bean and I look like I need to be tucked in myself. I just don’t know where he gets all the energy. I got all the kids tucked away and let out a sigh. What a great night with the kids!

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