Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday, Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday. Well, I know most of my stories are about my little red bull munchkin, but today he was the least of my worries. In fact, today Bo unloaded the dishes and helped switch every laundry load, so yeah, can’t really complain about Bo. One of my others on the other hand, I was about to FedEx to Canada. I can’t mention any names because now that my older ones are aware of my blog, they asked me not to talk about them. But the basic theme of today was “argue with mom”. As I look at my kids, I believe that there greatest weakness will be there greatest strength. Think about it, a kid that won’t take no for an answer, boy nothing is gonna stop them when they get older. Well, judging by the commitment and determination my kids often have to get what they want, well they should go far in life!!!! There won’t be anything that will stop them. What cracks me up though is when they complain about doing their chores with statements like, “I hate cleaning” and “It’s not fair, I shouldn’t have to clean.” I can’t help but think. Really! Cause I just love cleaning. In fact when I was your age I would dream all day about how much fun it would be to clean the house. I thought to myself, “Oh I hope when I grow up I get to clean up messes all day. Just clean, clean clean, clean all day. I will pick up toys, clean up food, do laundry, and on my favorite days I will chisel Play Dough out of the carpet, and maybe use my magic eraser on the walls. And then the best part is I get to wake up and do it all again the next day. I had someone say to me a few years ago, “Jamie, you are just like my aunt, you love to clean.” Um, no, not really. I just like the results. I like it when my house is in order. But I certainly wouldn’t consider cleaning a “hobby”, or a favorite pass time of mine when I am bored. Actually, a hobby I would like to have is being bored. Seriously, all you parents out there think about the last time you were bored. The last time you laid around guilt free because there was nothing to do and therefore bored. Now days, when I think about being bored, I get excited. That’s when you know you have been a parent for a long time. When the thought of boredom is exciting to you. LOL
Well, this story seems to be more stream of consciousness than anything else. Hmmmm. Well, that’s a Monday for ya.


  1. It was kate wasn't it:)\
    -your couz sarah

  2. I am not at liberty to discuss this. For their safety names have been changed. lol Actually for MY safety. hee hee