Thursday, November 11, 2010

What a laugh.

Tonight was a blast. We went to the Marriage Matters Jackson event to see Mark Gunger. The guy is hilarious. It was a great night. I had a wonderful time, I would just like to erase one tiny part. While I was sitting in my chair, I saw someone two rows in front me that I knew. I jumped up to go say hi. As I stepped toward her the thought ran through my mind, “What if it isn’t her.” So just as I was about to reach her I stopped and walked down the row behind her. I than sat in the chair trying to peer down her isle to get a glimpse of her whole face. She then looked right at me. So she turns and looks at me wondering what the heck I am staring at and I realized it is not her. Oh my, gosh. I shot a look back to my group saying, “Ooops, it is not her” and then I just started laughing. I couldn’t believe what an idiot I was making of myself. Finally, I composed myself and headed back to my chair. Poor girl, I never even explained myself. But other than that it was great and funny.

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