Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cleaning the van...It has been awhile

So yesterday I cleaned out my van. To be totally honest I can’t believe I am going to disclose this information. But the following is what I found…
A McDonald’s cheeseburger wrapper with a dried up pickle inside
An empty pixie stick
An empty Wendy’s French Fries container
2 Empty water bottles
2 Full water bottles
A pair of socks
3 pairs of shoes
A few crayons
A paper plate
A few napkins
An old 6 inch roast beef sandwich with extremely dried roast beef, and the bread was as hard as a brick.
Stale French fries
Old school work
Old Sunday school pages
A hat
One glove
A coat
And the seat where Bo sits was covered in a combination of Graham crackers, cheese crackers, and peanuts.

It took me an hour to clean out and vacuum. But I did it and maybe, just maybe it will last a week. lol

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