Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Time out" for Mom.

I am finding the more my job picks up the pace the more juggling work, motherhood, and a housewife is challenging my OCD. I am one who has specific laundry days and likes my house to look nice before I go to bed. So when things get busy, as they were this week, I usually try to go 90mph, and still accomplish it all. But this week I just let things go. My laundry is piled up next to the washing machine out side my bedroom door. And there are dishes in the sink. Last week I worked till midnight four days in a row and I was exhausted. But this week I worked very hard to set my OCD aside so I wouldn’t get so stressed that I decapitated one of my children for leaving a sock out. Today I even took some “me” time. Rather than cleaning like a mad woman, I sat and read a book. A book that was inspirational, encouraging and teaching me knew ways to look at the principles I am learning these days. It was great. Actually refreshing and reviving. After my little “time out” I cooked dinner and fed the kids. As usual things were chaotic and I had to break up a couple spats and deal with Bo, who wasn’t feeling the greatest tonight, but I was surprisingly calm. I didn’t run Kate through the ringer for tattling, and I wasn’t even tempted to put Bo on Ebay, even though he was extremely whiny. So I am thinking taking time for “me” in the middle of a busy week, was a good idea. Now if I can just remember to let go of my OCD more often. I encourage you to take some “me” time. And let it be something that encourages you and revives you. See if it makes a difference in your day like it did mine. And then back to the laundry tomorrow I go!

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