Monday, April 18, 2011

Back to the "Blogging Board" I hope

Well, you may or may not have noticed, but my blogging has been pretty non existent these days. I would like to say it is because Bo has been so well behaved and my life has been so smooth sailing that I have been at a loss as to what to write about. Nope, not quite. Bo has been making strides, I gotta give the kid credit. But he is still Bo. Always on an adventure. As far as my smooth sailing life, well it has been like a white water rafting adventure these days, keeping me so busy that by the end of the day I certainly have stories to tell, but I just flop into my bed and crash. I do have some stories in my head from the past few weeks that I am hoping to get on paper, or on my laptop rather. I mean who writes anything on paper these days. The only thing I write on paper is my grocery list, and I am not even sure why I do that, I leave it at home half the time. Speaking of grocery list, I really need to get some groceries, but I refused to go out today in the snow. Really, snow! When I woke up this morning and looked out my window I was hoping it was all a horrible nightmare and in moments my alarm would wake me up. Nope it was real. Bo was excited though, he asked if he could go sledding. lol Perhaps the snow is my fault. I did take my electric blanket off my bed early this year and I put all the kids snow pants away a couple of weeks ago. I usually don’t do such a thing until I am pretty sure we are in the clear. I don’t know I guess I thought since we were half way through April I was safe. Well, that was a big “I told you so” from mother nature. Anyway I just keep telling myself to get through the next couple of cold days and it is sure to warm up, the problem is I have been telling myself that since mid March. I sure hope Spring shows up soon. Well, I suppose I should quit babbling. I will leave you with a “Tip for Parents.” Have a great week, and I will work on getting back to the writing, for anyone who needs reassurance that they are not the only crazy parent on the planet. I am here to tell you there are at least two of us. Lol

Tip for Parents…

In Value Based Parenting we teach how important it is to establish a rapport with your child. By doing this we strengthen the parent child relationship and our children our more receptive to our teaching, giving us the ability to influence them. This month I encourage you to take little moments every day to cultivate your relationship with your child, whether it be playing catch, dolls, video games, or a simple conversation over dinner asking them about their day. All of these are valuable moments. Each interaction is a deposit into your child’s emotional piggy bank. The more we make these deposits ahead of time, the more our children are willing to let us make “emotional with drawls” later. These “with drawls” may come in the form of encouraging our children to open up and be honest when asking them to share their feelings. Their willingness to do so is a direct result of the foundation you have built by investing in them.

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