Friday, June 17, 2011

My big fat Greek "birthday"

Well, today was my birthday, and what a beautiful day. It has been a wonderful day, and boy do I feel special! It was so awesome getting oh about 1,000 happy birthdays on facebook, so it seemed. It was awesome! And then this week, my mom and sis are taking me out tomorrow, my husband is taking we out later this week, and my Dad called and said he wants to do breakfast. Wow! How exciting. Well, it got me thinking why have a birth”day”, how about a birth”week”. If I have a “birthweek” would that be a good excuse to skip doing the laundry, or skip cooking dinner. Although lately my idea of cooking dinner is ordering pizza or if I am really motivated I will cook eggs and toast. Anyway, if I had a “birthday week” I would have an excuse for such dinners. I figure hey I birthed four children, that should add on a couple of days to my “birthweek” and the fact that I haven’t officially sold any of them on ebay yet, well that should add a few more. I figure if that one girl can have “My big fat greek wedding” well, I should be able to throw in a “My big fat greek birthday” here and there. Ok, so maybe a “birthday” week is not probable, but I do get a few birthday dinners and I am excited! Thanks to all those who sent me birthday wishes on facebook, it was awesome. It has been a beautiful day and I certainly enjoyed it. I hope you all can take a few moments this week and enjoy them yourselves. Take a some “my big fat Greek “moments”” to enjoy!

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