Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nothing to loose, and everything to gain

Approach every venture as if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, and you will lose nothing and gain everything. You will gain the experience of “life” and isn’t that what we all are after anyway. If you approach every venture as if you have something to lose, you will hang on to that which you should have let go of in the first place, and that is living desperation, fear, and regret. I often wonder if I approached life as an adventure, how much more youthful and content would I be? Rather than look at life as an “assignment” to get “right”, but as an adventure like I was Indiana Jones, what would I have to fear? If I approached life as an adventure with expected snares and adversities that I was thrilled to conquer, what guilt would I carry? If I approached life, fearing nothing but fear itself, putting all my successes and failures into my memory under the category of LIFE. What regrets would I have? If I awoke every morning, taking my first waking breath of the day with anticipation of what craziness I would encounter, faced it head on just proud to be me, taking in all there is to be learned, laughed and loved. And at the and of the day, letting my last conscious exhale be that of acceptance and admiration of all that I was, am and will be, falling into a restful slumber to prepare me for my next adventurous day, oh how would I sleep? As far as my adventures as Indiana Jones, what do my thrills look like? Thrills of taking large leaps, or driving a jeep 90MPH through the desert. Perhaps they are my leaps of faith as a parent choosing to believe I am the best “man for the job”, or abandoning myself to being vulnerable with those whom I care for the most, or the exhilaration of being an entrepreneur wondering what my next steps are and being willing to face the judgments of the world as if nothing they say could penetrate me. How much more fulfilling would those adventures be if I lived them with total abandonment, believing that my safety net in life is the knowledge I gain from every fall? The cool part is, that adventure is mine for the taking and the stress, regrets and guilt are mine for the leaving. The question is what will I choose to take and what will I choose to leave. More and more every day I choose to take, accept and enjoy my adventure and choose to leave the worries by the wayside. How about you?

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